Early Access Loyalty Rewards

SPECIAL NOTE - Over the last few days we have had a backend server issue that may have prevented these items (and the tutorial items from being granted). The server issue should now have been addressed but if it goes down again we recommend players try later as we continue to work on the issue and bringing the server back up.

All players who purchased the game in early access should get the early access reward items upon logging into the game. These items are non gift-able and non trade-able. If the items do not appear to be granted the first time you log in they may be granted on a second or third try. If subsequent tries fail you may want to try the following method to un-corrupt your steam inventory:

  • Delete your inventorymsgcache subfolder from this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\


Older version of the article:

As of the official launch of Killing Floor 2 the Early Access Reward items are no longer available. To have received these items you needed to:

  • Have purchased the game during the early access period AND
  • Launched the game and played during the Tactical Response Update (SWAT perk release) up until the point of release

As of now the code to grant these items has been removed from the game and we have no way to verify an accounts eligibility to receive those items (the code would grant the items when a user logged into the game. Now that the game is launched this system is no longer usable). Any users that had trouble gaining these items during the early access period needed to contact us during that period. Now they are no longer available in any way as of this time. If the code was re-added to the game, all players would receive the items as the game does not have a method to detect purchase date it can only check ownership.

We are currently investigating to see if there is any way to retroactively grant the items but we currently do not believe there is due to the lack of information the game can obtain via the API's available.

UPDATE 1: We have received updated information on Steam API's and are investigating now, we may be able to retroactively grant the items to all players who should be rewarded with them. If this pans out it will go live as part of our next update.

UPDATE 2: We believe we have a working version of the system mentioned in update 1 currently in the Killing Floor 2 opt in beta. You can opt into that beta to get the items now or wait for the next full patch.

We will update this page if the situation changes.
Creation date: 11/19/2016 7:06 PM     Updated: 3/28/2017 10:53 AM