Not recieving drops Console

Special Note: We have found a case where some rewards are not granting (even delayed) on console. We are continuing to work on a full solution we hope to deploy in early January, but are now trialing a workaround. Players who "request" something of the backend, such as earning a new reward item (seasonal or dosh vault crate). Players should get all earned items at the point the fix is released.

Weekly Rewards and Dosh Vault Crates
Weekly rewards are being granted normally however there are some cases where the reward server may be overloaded and grant the reward later. If the weekly objective is marked off in the HUD you should be granted the reward at a later date, most likely the next time you launch the game.

If you do not appear to be receiving any drops in Killing Floor 2 for the PS4, we recommend you attempt to Rebuild your database:

The Xbox currently has a bug where it shows the player as getting too much visual dosh for their vault at one point (the correct amount is saved in the backend and correct rewards granted). This can cause the dosh vault to look like it is not progressing until the backend has caught up with what is displaying in the Vault menu.
Creation date: 11/28/2016 10:32 AM     Updated: 1/3/2018 3:40 PM