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Support Site Ticket Issue Discovered June 20th

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Anyone that may have submitted a ticket in the past two months may have experienced a situation where the ticket went unreplied to. We have just discovered an issue that was causing tickets to fall out of view from our team, and have just now corrected this issue. Due to how old some of these tickets now are, there is a good chance that many of them may have been resolved in the time between their initial filling and now.

As a result we are taking the following actions and ask that any impacted users follow these steps as needed:
  • We are closing all old tickets while continuing to work through recent ones
  • Users who no longer have an issue, please let your tickets be closed, no need to respond or re-open the ticket
  • Users who are still impacted by an issue, please feel free to re-open the ticket via the website or by responding to the ticket email. This will re-add the ticket to our current working queue.

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