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Game Locks Up At Server Browser / No Servers Displayed / Failed to Join Server / Connection To Host Lost

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If one of our games is
  • Freezing when you select the server browser
  • Or no servers are being displayed
  • Or you receive errors trying to join any server
  • Or it appears your internet has stopped completely (both in or out of game)
  • You join the game but shortly afterward are kicked (or appear to be in an empty play environment by yourself or other players have frozen)
It is highly likely that security software is blocking/freezing the game. Make sure the game is on any allowed/ignore list in any such software. If it already is, try removing it and re-adding it. It is also possible that security software on a physical device, such as a router firewall, may also be blocking parts of or all of the game connections. Please check your router software for any such allowed/ignored lists as well and make sure the game is on it (or remove and re-add it).

Epic Games
If you're experiencing connection issues while launching the game via the Epic Games Store, check our additional instructions here.

Alternatively, this can happen when a router has decided it is being attacked with a packet flood (this can be triggered by the master server giving it too many IP's in response to a server query). In this case, we recommend:
  • You limit your filter options both in the game (KF 2)
  • You limit your filter options in Steam
To limit your Steam filter options
  • Go to Steam Settings
  • Choose the In-Game Tab
  • Select the In-Game Server Browser Max Pings Per Minute setting and lower it
If none of the above work you can also attempt to change your connection to the Steam Master Server:
  • Go to your Steam install location
    • Rename config to config1
    • Rename steamapps to stemapps1
    • Rename userdata to userdata1
    • Delete everything except these folders and Steam.exe
    • Run Steam.exe and log into Steam
    • Close Steam
    • Open config1/config.vdf and config/config.vdf
    • Copy the "apps" key from config1 to config. WARNING: Make sure not to delete braces ({}) that do not match "apps" or this will fail
    • Optionally: Move every other file from config1 to config that does not have a new matching file in Steam
    • Delete the new steamapps and userdata
    • Rename steamapps1 to steamapps
    • Rename userdata1 to userdata
    • Start Steam and delete config1 if it starts successfully
In some rare cases, the router itself is blocking connections either at the time of connection or shortly after, which can look like randomly being kicked from a game server. You can test this by bypassing your router and seeing if this behavior continues. If the router is the culprit here, make sure you have the latest firmware/software updates for your router and contact their support team.

If you are losing connection to the server, either timing out or seeing people running into walls, within a few seconds of joining, then you are probably experiencing a common problem with a certain brand of routers.

This is caused by a faulty rule on routers made by Thomson, or rebadged Thomsons. This includes:
  • All Thomson / Speedtouch routers
  • BT Homehubs (version 1 and 2)
  • Be Boxes
  • BigPond routers
  • O2 Wireless routers
  • probably many more

If you have telnet access to the router you can log in to it and delete the rule that is causing problems. Obviously only do this if you feel confident doing so. Also note that some routers have had telnet locked out, usually by ISPs.

Taken from the Steam FAQ at Killing Floor / Monday Night Combat / Homefront BT Home Hub and Thomson router telnet fix tutorial - YouTube and amended slightly.

  1. Click on "Start", then select "Run", or if run is not present type it into the search box, type "cmd" and press Enter or click "Ok". This will bring up a command prompt.
  2. Type "telnet speedtouch", or if that doesn't work then type "telnet". * **
  3. You will be prompted to log in to the modem with a username/password. The default is one of the following: Username: Administrator
    Password: None (leave this field blank)
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
    If neither of those combinations works, please contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.
  4. Once you have logged in, you will be presented with the command line of your modem. This is where you must enter the following commands:
    • Type connection bindlist and press enter. This will list connection bindings.
    • Look for a line that contains "GAME" and some port numbers. For example: GAME(UDP) udp 27010-27011
    • Enter the command :connection unbind application=GAME(UDP) port=27010-27011 and press enter. The port numbers in this command must match the numbers that are listed in your GAME port listing, similar to the example above.
  5. Try joining a KF game and see if that fixes things. You will have to issue the command saveall to save the changes.

* Note that if the IP address of your router is different then this won't work. To find out what your router's IP address is, open up a
command prompt (type cmd into the search or run box as before) and type ipconfig. This should show your currently connected network connection - the router's address should be under "default gateway". If you can't see this, try "ipconfig /all" without quotes. This will bring up all
network adapters so you will have more to look through, but you should be able to find it.

** If you do not have telnet installed and get an error message (it isn't installed on Vista and 7 as default), you can either install it through the programs and features -> turn windows features on or offsection, or you can use Putty - . Run it, and in the IP address type the router's IP address and select the telnet box, then click open.

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