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Timothée Mazzucotelli
Since the Cyberpunk update (though it might not be related), I'm unable to reliably connect to servers. It will rarely work, and usually after a long time waiting (~10minutes), but sometimes very quickly. It seems the waiting time is related to when the next match begins. If I try to join at wave 2/10, I'll wait a long time (unless players lose quickly). If I join at wave 10/10, I can join in a few minutes, on the next match.

To circumvent this, I usually click join on a few servers, then go play solo offline, waiting for the game to connect me -_- I usually have time to go up to wave 5 before I either get a "Connection Lost" popup, or I get connected to the server.

I originally reported this in the Steam Community Hub.

I gathered here a the first few links I could find, but I'm sure there are more.

I'm playing on Linux with Steam Play, but others have reported this exact same problem while on Windows.

As I'm writing this, I'm stuck on the loading window in KF2 between two matches, and it will eventually fail with a Connection Lost, unless I hit F10.

Here is the original text of my post on Steam:

I recently changed ISP but seeing that others have this problem makes me wonder if it's not Steam or KF2's fault indeed. This problem started after the last big update, and also after I changed ISP (debugging is harder, I'm so lucky...).

The servers list is working well, but when clicking on join, nothing happens, or I get a "Connection Lost" after a few minutes. Sometimes it works though (after long minutes as well) but only when the game starts again at wave 1 it seems.

I set up port triggering, but it did not help at all. Also my router does not block any ports so I'm not sure why I should need port triggering. I never needed it before.

I used the ports listed here, plus others I found while listening to the network.

27060 TCP
27036 TCP/UDP
57343 TCP
27015 UDP
9989 UDP
20560 UDP
7777 UDP

But it does not help at all. I still cannot join servers.

Also when I click join, there's a new random port that is used, usually between 30000 and 65535 (the max). Obviously I CANNOT set port triggering on such a large range, because I'm not the only one using the router (if I understand port triggering correctly, the router would then send traffic received on these ports on my device only, potentially preventing other devices to use network correctly).

Maybe worth noting: finding a match, creating a match and spectate do not work either. When I click on Server Details, I don't get the list of players.

Any help or feedback would be much appreciated!

Would you have any information concerning this issue?

P.S.: when writing this ticket, the "Related Articles" section appeared, with a "Game Locks Up At Server Browser / No Servers Displayed / Failed to Join Server / Connection To Host Lost" article (see attachment), but it's giving me a 404.

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Timothée Mazzucotelli
Based on

Local firewall: none.
Router firewall: inactive.
Router ports blocked: none.
Router IP flooding detection: inactive.

I'll try to renew my connection to the Steam Master Server.

I'll also try to see if the issue still appears if I share my mobile LTE connection via USB instead of using my router. If not, then it's my ISP.

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Timothée Mazzucotelli
Well, it was working well when I used my mobile LTE connection. Feel free to mark this ticket as resolved, as it's definitively not KF2's fault!

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